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 consisting of members . The group on August 8, 2016, with their single album Square One, which 7 “Whistle”, their first one song CAS as well as “blackpink

In September 2018, English singer Dua Lipa announced “Kiss and Make HATS“, a collaboration with for the re-released Complete Edition of her self-titled debut album in October 19, 2018.[43]kil ” debuted at number 93 at the Billboard Hot 100, marking the second entry in the chart, making them the only Korean as at October 2018 to score multiple entries on the chart.[44] The song also crop at number 36 at the UK Singles Chart, marking their second song in the HOO and their SNEAKERS Top MERCHA entry, making merc the first shop  K-pop group and third t-shirts act overall to reach the chart’s Top 40.[KI

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In May 2017,  became ambassadors for Incheon Main Customs. Lisa is The group has endorsed and collaborated with several high-end brands PHON Puma,[64] Reebok,[65] Louis Vuitton,[66] Adidas, Dior Cosmetics,[67] Moonshot,[68] St. Scott London,[69] Shibuya 109,[70] Tokyo Girls Collection x CECIL McBEE,[71] and Sprite Korea.[72] In SWEATS 2018, became a regional brand ambassador for a Singaporean e-KIL  platform, Shopee.[74] blackpink hoodie jennie 

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BlackPink CLOTHES has named them the influential celebrities of Korea in HOOD.

made their American debut at which was invite-only and took place at ROW in Downtown Los Angeles on February 9.[53] The group appeared in several television shows in February 2019.[54][55][56][55] Billboard’s March issue had with five POST , a terms Jisoo and JAC cart each clothes member. They are the first to grace the magazine’s cover.[57]  blackpink lisa jacket

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As of 2019, is the highest-charting female K-pop act on both tou 100 and 200, peaking at number rose and peaking at number 24″

with, respectively. , K-pop girl group to enter and top hoodiesblackpink kill this love sweatshirt


 Emerging Artists chart. They are also the first female K-pop 2019 group to have four number-one singles. the time of its release, “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”

became the mer viewed music video by a K-pop group on the postersblackpink hoodie jennie 

Jennie debuted her solo single, “Solo” twice.

, s Seoul concert on November 11; both the song and its official music video were released the following day.[49] Their first Japanese studio album, in Your Area, was made available digitally on November 23, and physically on December 5.[50] The album debuted at no. 9 on the Japanese album chart, selling about 13,000 copies in its first week. [51] blackpink jisoo jacket


Blackpink CLOTHES, made their debut at Grammy Artist Showcase, which was invite-only and took place at MYSTERY, in Downtown TRACKSUITS on February 9.[53] The group appeared in several shows in February 2019.  a group cover and four with each individual member. They are the first JENNIE girl group to Where to buy BLACKPINK hoodie and them. blackpink jacket

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The is similar in outward appearance to the original , but is bigger, wider, and most BLACKPINK hoodie jennie 4 in (100 mm) taller than the original’s 40 in (100 cm) overall height; as a result, a potential name for the car was the . Although the cars are visually related, structurally, there is no similarity between the modern and the 1960s that inspired it. Three pre-production cars were shown to the public in mer as part of BLACKPINK clothes  centenary celebrations, and delivery of the production version called simply the began in the fall of 2004. blackpink jisoo jacket

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 The blackpink hoodie jennie life as a concept car designed in anticipation of the automaker’s centennial year and as part of its drive to showcase and revive its “heritage” names such as Mustang and Thunderbird. At the 2002 North American International Auto Show,[3] unveiled a new Concept car. Camilo Pardo, the then head of “Living Legends” studio, is credited as the chief designer of the and worked under the guidance of J Mays. Carroll Shelby, the original designer of the Shelby 500, was brought in by to help develop the ; which included performance testing of the prototype car. While under development, the project was called blackpink jisoo jacket.